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My time with yielded many opportunities to pivot to design work that could simplify the customer experience. My goal at all times was "if it can be said in a pictogram, do that," as a common issue was no one wants to be forced to read anything. Recognizability is always difficult when taking an abstract concept to an uninitiated stranger, but I found these icons, illustration and infographic not only sold the concept but had a fair eight year run as well.

  • These icons were used cross platform app and in email. Concepts to convey included, ease of cleaning, age appropriate gifts and the number of images we recommended per product.
  • Our product builder had a very vague placeholder with the standard "X" shape in the center which confused customers of all ages, we believed going the route of a more widely accepted landscape placeholder photo, a customer would understand its purpose easier.
  • In 2016 we all wondered who loves their pet most, with all of the thousands of printed goods being generated on a daily basis, a deep dive into the data yield fun visual results.