Cate / Thomson

EcoStore USA

Identity Design

Brand Guide / Icon Design / Illustration / Letterhead / Logo Design / Packaging / Web Design

Placed third in the College for Creative Studies interdepartmental senior class competition.

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EcoStore USA, a company dedicated to promoting healthy products for everyday use, without the use of any harsh or unnatural chemicals, by helping to keep the focus on maintaining wellness in homes and the environment. EcoStore USA's brief included a complete brand overhaul from its identity to its packaging, with the sole focus of educating the consumer of what is in their products. The greatest way to achieve this goal was narrowed down to visual language and brand tone/copy that wouldn't confuse the average customer.

The final design approach took on a familiar and personable look with a greater attention to typography, language, and packaging. By reflecting EcoStore USA's genuine product and quality, this redesign could effectively stand behind its promise and was finally consistent