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One of the last projects I took on at Collage involved an overhaul of the build and design of the gift guide pages, with the intention to launch them for Holiday, 2022. The main issues with the existing pages were that there was no visual break point, they functioned more like a product directory, there was zero SEO, and the customer bounce rate was off the charts. Thankfully the solution to these problems was serious enough to address and a number of improvements were made on the front and back-end. Not only were the new gift guide pages more visually appealing by suggesting specific product skus/types but they also introduced the concept of social proofing (star ratings) to aid in customer decision making. The pages saw a complete retooling of content, copy and SEO to help better position them in Google searches and the Google shopping feed.

Additional page designs include a new 'contact us' page and's 'jobs' page.